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King Guide Internet Edition - Site License (251-1500 beds)


Complete Full Text IV Compatibility & Stability Monographs

The online edition of the King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures® provides the most complete and up-to-date full text IV compatibility and stability monographs available and is the only IV compatibility reference available that has been updated quarterly since 1971.

Peer Reviewed, Evidence Based

We strive to include in the King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures® only that information which has been published in peer reviewed and refereed journals or information that is provided by the manufacturer. We believe that by using only data that have been reviewed via the professional literature, we insure the accuracy of the content of King Guide. Unpublished results that have not had the benefit of scholarly review are inadequate and other references that rely heavily on unpublished results should be scrutinized cautiously.


  • Exceeds TCJ Requirements
  • NABP Endorsed
  • Over 598 IV drugs with at-a-glance view of compatibility in 12 fluids
  • Over 3,230 Primary Source References
  • Includes routes, dosages, temperatures, and containers used to determine compatibility and stability.
  • Y-Site, Syringe, and other sets/container specific information.
  • Extensive TPN/TNA data.
  • Special Sections on Stability and Storage
  • Boxed Warning and Hazardous Drugs List and Identification
  • Proprietary and Generic Drug Names Included
  • In 2021, we added...
    • 5 New Drugs
    • New Compatibility Information for 89 Drugs
    • New Stability Information for 68 Drugs
    • 69 new peer-reviewed references

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Trusted, Authoritative Information

The King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures® has been a trusted authoritative reference in hospital pharmacies worldwide since 1971, and exceeds TCJ requirements for updated references, is NABP endorsed, and listed by name by many state pharmacy boards as a required reference.

Easy to Use

From a single drug to multiple drugs is shown in a clear easy to read format. Search fields self-populate with brand and generic drug names as you type, and compatibility results are instantly generated as you build your drug list.

No Software to Install or Maintain

With no software to install and no updates to apply practitioners are assured of having the latest and most up-to-date information available.  For added convenience, subscribers can login with an ip address and bypass the login screen.

Flexible Licensing

The site license allows access from any computer, tablet or phone throughout hospitals, universities, and other sites.

Annual Subscription

This is an annual subscription and is required for each site or location being served. Multiple site licenses are available at discounted rates.

PURCHASE ORDERS:  Please fax your PO to 707.257.7566 or via email to 

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